About Us

We are the cosmetic formulation specialists. In addition, our R&D section and our technical as well as marketing experts help define pricing, customer usage and satisfaction as well as other parameters that go into the making of a successful product in price sensitive or quality conscious markets.

Our scope of services covers:

  • Formulation of new products according to design ideas and product.
  • Consultancy services in cosmetic formulations and guidance to refine or modify existing products compliant to country specific standards
  • Consultancy on testing of cosmetic, and personal care products.
  • Clinical trial methods
  • Lab Testing, in-field testing.

Our resources

  • We have the finest in terms of manpower and infrastructure that constitute our resources.
  • We have the finest laboratory equipments and also machinery to formulate and test sample batches under all conditions

What sets us apart

  • Anyone can have degrees but knowledge gained from experience is what distinguishes people on our team. Specialists in cosmetics and other related areas are intimately aware of various products, their specs, prices and performance so that they can mix and match to achieve desired results according to design specifications.
  • We can translate ideas into formulas that work and are viable as well as feasible.
  • Our formulation section has the support of our manufacturing and marketing specialists. It is not enough to simply come up with a formula; it must be marketable and designed for easy manufacture, either in-house or on contract basis.
  • We assure confidentiality and utmost secrecy. We understand that your formula is your proprietary product and will never disclose or divulge any details to anyone. All our staff members are bound by Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • We adhere to timelines and help you get your product to market faster, helping you gain an edge over competition.
  • We have an innovative and invention based approach to product development.

Get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on what we offer and how we can translate your ideas into workable formulations.