If you want a custom formulation designed to suit your specific application, just come to us with the idea of what is required. As experts in custom formulations with depth of knowledge and width of experience, we can take your idea and transform it into an innovative product.

We have on our team highly qualified scientists with extensive research and development background as well as industry experience. Their expertise in these areas, coupled with knowledge about ingredients and applications, comes in useful when we are faced with challenging custom formulation development.

The process is simplicity itself. You may approach with a set of design parameters and technical specifications. Alternatively, you may just give us an idea of what you need. We are equally comfortable at proceeding with custom formulation of a product that matches expectations.

Apart from the specific process of formulation itself, our formulation activity also ensures:

  • Country specific compliance may be applicable to a product and process
  • Tests to ensure formulation achieves the desired characteristics
  • Tests for performance and for shelf life
  • Tests for environment-friendliness and bio-degradability
  • In-house Tests for allergenic responses

Our custom formulation capabilities cover:

  • Liquid formulations
  • Powder formulation
  • Gel formulation

All such custom formulation is undertaken in strict confidentiality and we sign a non-disclosure agreement to uphold trust of our clients. When a product is finally approved, the formula becomes the property of the owner on whose behalf we developed it. We effectively function as your partner R&D lab and free you of this burden while assuring the finest custom formulation services whenever required.