Market Research & Analysis

Market Research & Analysis

Market is crucial for any product. Demand, competition, and various other factors determine the nature and price of the product.

Our team is equipped with experts from the market research and analysis sector to empower your cosmetic product. Accustomed to working with clients who may be non-technical and simply require a product they can market with a competitive edge, our chemists can take an idea and convert it into a formulation that works in your market.

The rising concerns for beauty among women and men are propelling the growth of cosmetics industry. The Indian cosmetics market has been registering impressive sales of near about INR 300 Billion every year. And it’s growing at an annual rate of 17%. Our competitive analysis experts work hand-in-glove with development chemists and provide important market inputs. Our competitive analysis service includes:

  • Analysis of a product or several similar competing products, if existing
  • Market analysis of user reports on such products and the perceived lacks
  • Costs of each products and their impact on sales performance
  • Options on similar ingredients with varying price points and qualities
  • Impact of varying amount of ingredients used in each formulation on performance and price
  • Analysis on what market requires and how a product can have unique selling points.

Women are spending more on cosmetics as they are actively earning and spending money on cosmetics. We believe competitive analysis is an inherently indispensable part of the custom formulation process. It has happened that clients have obtained a superior custom formulation but find that the cost is high enough to deter market penetration. It could also happen that making a similar product to the one established in the market would give no competitive edge and demand is difficult to generate. These roadblocks are avoided when you select competitive analysis to be part of the comprehensive custom formulation service. Our market research and analysis discover various elements that influence the market of cosmetic products.