New Product Manufacturing

New Product Manufacturing

Our expertise in custom formulation of chemical products is unparalleled. We go beyond formulation and testing of a product by offering assistance in new product manufacturing.

With our comprehensive new product manufacturing services available for your benefit, you need not even own any manufacturing equipments. You can be a marketing specialist and own markets, using your innovative ideas to leverage your sales channels and reach out to a broader customer segment of enhance your product portfolio. Even if you do have a manufacturing line but do not have the capacity, finding an outsourced, contract manufacturing facility that will deliver quality, timely supply and ensure confidentiality is of utmost importance. It is not difficult to find manufacturers but the problem may be that they would take on only bulk manufacturing. Some contract manufacturers may produce in small batches but they might charge more. These and other roadblocks are taken care of when you assign the task of new product manufacturing to us.

Down the years we have served cosmetic product manufactures in diverse segments. As such, we have a database of contract manufacturers whose capabilities we are aware of. If you want specialized manufacturing and conformance to international norms, we can arrange this on a contractual basis. If confidentiality is a prime consideration, trust us to come up with a water-tight arrangement in which your formulations are kept secret. With our assistance you can find the right contract manufacturing source at the right price and focus exclusively on marketing and sales.

We categorize contract manufacturers who can take on new product manufacturing in any segment according to various parameters:

  • Quality assurance and test facilities
  • Ability to procure required raw materials and maintain supply line
  • Willingness to manufacture the quantity indicated, small or large
  • Ease of dealing and interaction
  • Confidentiality of all processes covered by NDA
  • Examination of their track record and customer feedbacks

We form a working triangle where needed by assisting such contract manufacturers with sourcing of specialty raw materials in the required quantity and at the right prices.

Customers have found that why they go with a new product manufacturer recommended by us they rarely have any reason to complain or shift manufacturing to any other company. Our selection process is rigorous to ensure your peace of mind as well as success.