Product Development Consultation

Product Development Consultation

Product design consulting is the starting point to formulation of a new product or modification of an existing one. It begins with a discussion.

The process

  • Fix an appointment for joint discussions between your team members and our scientific formulation experts as well as marketing and manufacturing experts to explore all avenues.
  • Identify key requirements of the product
  • Recommend suitable ingredients, their price and performance implications
  • Suitability of formula for manufacture, shelf life and all other considerations
  • Discuss about regulations
  • Discuss costs and timeline

These product design discussions serve to provide framework for our R&D scientists to choose the right ingredients, processes and price points that will help in the formulation of products that adhere to regulations and are also differentiated from existing products. With these inputs we can design products to be innovatively different, priced better without affecting performance or comply with environment or other regulations. At the same time, if required, our patent specialists can research to find out if similar products have been patented and explore workarounds. We can explore possibilities of delivering the same formulation or different formulations in the form of powders, liquids, gels, and colloids with equivalent performance across all types.

It is understood that all such discussions remain strictly confidential even if we do not proceed further. However, you will find that we have the capabilities and facilities to transform your vision and proceed with the next step.